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San Diego Certified Public Accountant

Welcome to San Diego CPA – your ultimate local resource for ALL business and trust tax help. We provide  excellent Business Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, Tax Consulting and all other CPA Services in San Diego and Southern California.

We are experts at Small Business Tax Returns, Business Tax Planning, Corporate Taxation, Trusts, Estate Tax Return Preparation and MUCH more!

With our innovative Business Advisory and Tax Consulting Services we can help guide you through any stage of business start-up, development, and successful exit. We help you set up accounting systems, budgets, and financial projections to get all your projects funded as well as providing all tax help your business needs. 

CPA Services

CPA Tax Return Preparation

We offer a variety of  Business CPA Tax preparation services. These include  business tax preparation,estates and trust income tax preparation and much more! So if you have LLC taxes, C Corporation Taxes, Estate Taxes, Schedule C, late or unfilled taxes and need CPA help you can always trust your local San Diego CPA firm in getting these done timely and accurately.

CPA Tax Planning

San Diego CPA provides the full range of business tax planning services, providing all tax help your small business tax planning needs. 

Business Advisory and Tax Consulting

San Diego CPA offer the variety of business advisory, CPA Tax Consulting and small business tax consulting services. As a local CPA firm, we pride ourselves on having unique knowledge and approach to business development in San Diego. We can help you buy a new business, sell old one or raise funds to scale your business to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use San Diego CPA over any other CPA firms?

We have many years of experience dealing with tax preparation and always go out of our way to figure the most optimal and innovative solution for every client. Our founder has been providing CFO consulting services to countless companies in San Diego, successfully led due diligence in numerous 8 figure acquisitions.

How much do you charge for tax preparation of LLC, corporation?

At San Diego CPA we pride ourselves in being transparent about fees that we charge. Where every case is different, with our clients we find that on average LLC tax returns preparation fees range around $400-700. Small Corporation tax returns preparation range from $500 – 800.

How long would it take to get my business tax return completed?

Every client is different. This would depend on the how how completed and accurate your financial reports are at the time of turning in your paperwork. Even if you do not have your reports we can help in putting proper accounting books together.

What is the best way to book an appointment

Just Call us 1-619-880-9453

To Book an Appointment Call 619-880-9453


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